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Residential Painting

We’ve heard just about every horror story there is during our time in the industry.

We’ve heard plenty of stories about painters who realise they’re in over their head and quit half-way through the job, to customers who end up paying more than necessary after being hit with some “hidden fees” that weren’t included in their quotation.

Of course, we’ve also heard plenty of stories about subpar residential painting jobs that took just a few days to start flaking and dripping.



Our promise to you is that we won’t lowball you with a very small number to get you to choose us, nor are we going to give you an expensive quotation that we feel you wouldn’t be able to pay.

Our promise is to provide you with a quotation that is as close to the final cost of the residential painting job as possible. We can do this because of:

  • Our years of experience that have given our expert technicians the knowledge to accurately calculate the approximate value of a residential painting job based on an ocular visit.
  • We make sure to stay on top of how much materials such as paint, rollers, and brushes currently cost.


Customer Service

We make it our mission to always provide excellent customer service when undertaking a house painting task. Respect is something that is earned in our industry. We could spend thousands of dollars on advertising, but we feel that word-of-mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising. We believe that, after seeing our work for themselves and their positive experiences with our staff, our clients will recommend us and put in a good word for us.

This is why we would be more than happy to put you in touch with our previous clients (with their permission) if you don’t quite believe what we say. These clients have seen our residential painting services for themselves and will be happy to tell you about their experiences.


Attention to Detail

We are proud of our incredible attention to detail. The small details tend to get overlooked in a house painting project, particularly one that involves a huge working area. If you hire a cheap or incompetent painter you are more likely to find missed spots or flaked edges, because the painter wanted to just finish the job and didn’t believe that you would inspect every edge. This is the difference between amateur and professional painters.